Strength Comes From The Struggle

In my quarantine period, I experienced the deep reality of going through something incredibly challenging and making it out on the other side. It was brutal. In spite of my fears and anxieties, I can say I’ve learned so much about myself.

Until you embrace a challenge, endure it and push through to the other side, you will never know what you are made of. During the process, you mature, develop perseverance, and develop a generous spirit to comfort and serve others.

The other side of the struggle will reveal both gratitude and a generous heart. Overcoming is made worthwhile by the struggle.

Your drive to pursue your dreams will be fueled by something that is important to you. Stay optimistic. When you are faced with a bad situation, a healthy dose of optimism goes a long way.

Even the darkest skies can have silver linings, regardless of how cliché it may seem. The ability to develop a positive mindset is crucial for coping with adversity.

Realistically, you need to look at a situation clearly and objectively; however, if you frame everything in a negative light, you can only see the bad. You should cultivate positivity and resist pessimistic voices and naysayers in your mind. A challenge can be embraced and overcome. Life is made better by its challenges.

Overcoming my struggles has been a major victory for me. It’s my life’s greatest privilege to be grateful every day and to treat every relationship with respect, especially my family and colleagues.

Things that once annoyed me have become insignificant. The positive aspects of every individual stand out more to me than their shortcomings.

Secondly, I have a great deal of empathy for anyone struggling. They need someone to assist them through this difficult time in their life. I understand that their struggle is real and looms large in their world. Listen carefully. Listening to others helps you see life from a different perspective.

Having overcome a struggle has helped me develop a generous spirit that allows me to give of my time and resources to help others succeed. My neighbor recently announced that he was going through a difficult time. Being helpful is not always about money. Their strength comes from your effort and motivation, which eventually makes them feel better.

To put it another way, people who bounce back from adversity begin by believing that they can find a way forward. You’re unlikely to succeed if you feel powerless and hopeless. It may not seem like it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be just what you need to get your bearings.

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